Tweeps dig up lots and lots of tweets from Alyssa Milano FAN-GIRLING big time over Elon Musk and ROFL

Seems Alyssa Milano was a HUGE fan of Elon Musk … what changed?

KIDDING, we know.

And OMG, dear readers, we know you know about Alyssa making a total fool of herself on Twitter bragging about ‘giving back’ her Tesla because of ‘white supremacy’ only to buy a car with a history connected literally to Hilter and the Nazis BUT did you know she used to absolutely fan-girl over Musk? Like we’d maybe even call her one of his biggest fans.

Funny how this works with people who really don’t stand for much of anything, eh?

Look at this:

In 2014 she called him amazing.

In 2015 she was in awe of Elon and his cars. Also in 2015, she wanted to have dinner with him and Jesus.

In 2016 she thanked him for being a genius and designing her car.

Is this the car she ‘gave back’ in order to buy the ‘Hitler-mobile’?


Ain’t it?

Guess that whole free speech thing is where Alyssa draws the line.

Yup. Democrats LOVED Trump, until he became a Republican.

Then he was like LITERALLY HITLER overnight.

Funny how it’s Alyssa who bought the German car though, right?

And that’s the sad reality of their entire agenda.

Follow along or you’re the enemy and must be destroyed.

Funny how they claim it’s the Right that’s the dangerous ‘side’.



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