Tweeter @FearTheFloof suspended once again over a minor insult

@FearTheFloof is a great account we highly recommend following. If you’ll remember, @FearTheFloof ruffled a few feathers back in October by posting an epic thread about mainstream journalists and how they all seem to come from positions of privilege. Who knew that Vox’s über-Left self-proclaimed “Marxist pig” Carlos Maza’s mother and stepfather were tech billionaires?

The next day, @FearTheFloof was gone.

By some miracle, his account was restored a couple of days later. Is it because Twitter could no longer pretend that his account had been suspended solely because he pissed off some journalists by sharing publicly available information and not because he’d actually done anything wrong? And then the account was suspended again.

@Oilfield_Rando, who’s no stranger to Twitter suspensions himself, reports Monday that the Floof has been suspended again, reported over a minor insult after tweeting some wrongthink about Ukraine:

Free the Floof.


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