UNREAL: German Foreign Minister Says that West’s Support for Ukraine Will Continue Regardless of What Voters Think 

In a rare mask off moment, Germany’s Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said that the German government would continue supporting Ukraine “no matter what German voters think.”

Baerbock uttered those remarks during an event that NGO Forum 2000 organized in Prague on August 31, 2022.

“If I give the promise to people in Ukraine – ‘We stand with you, as long as you need us’ – then I want to deliver. No matter what my German voters think, but I want to deliver to the people of Ukraine,” she stated.

Baerbock said that she would not change course even if large numbers of Germans took to the streets and started protesting against soaring energy costs. The sanctions war the Collective West has waged against Russia has been an own goal of epic proportions. Combine that with the EU’s destructive energy policies that have deprived the region of reliable energy sources, and you have all the makings of an economic calamity of gargantuan proportions.

Germany will be at the center of this crisis. In many respects, Germany has subjected itself to its very own Morgenthau Plan by pursuing energy policies that have effectively de-industrialized it.

“We are facing now wintertime, when we will be challenged as democratic politicians. People will go in the street and say ‘We cannot pay our energy prices’. And I will say ‘Yes I know, so we help you with social measures.’ But I don’t want to say ‘Ok then we stop the sanctions against Russia.’ We will stand with Ukraine, and this means the sanctions will stay also in wintertime, even if it gets really tough for politicians,” declared Baerbock.

Paul Joseph Watson of Summit News noted that Germany is facing “one of the worst cost of living crises in Europe.” Watson added that “governments arranging ‘warm up spaces’ in major cities where people who can’t pay their bills will go to avoid freezing to death, with blackouts expected.”

Indeed, the Russo-Ukrainian conflict has demonstrated how brazenly aloof Western rulers are to the interests of their respective populations. They’re more concerned with prosecuting a quixotic geopolitical venture at their citizens’ expense as opposed to preserving national sovereignty and ensuring that their own constituents live under prosperous conditions.

In a post-national West, the interests of historic nations are mere afterthoughts.

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