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NewsUS Oil & Gas Assn’s suggestion for @POTUS and...

US Oil & Gas Assn’s suggestion for @POTUS and ‘the WH intern who posted this tweet’ is priceless – twitchy.com


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A couple of days ago President Biden took a break from blaming Vladimir Putin and “Russia Russia Russia” for inflation and high fuel prices and instead pointed at gas station owners and told them to lower prices. Why? Because this is a “time of war and global peril”:

That tweet earned the appropriate response from the U.S. Oil & Gas Association:


  • ‘The difference matters’: Reporter notes that the ‘shot at’ narrative is nuanced and suspect might not have taken aim
  • The Hill looks at why people of color should care about the January 6 committee hearings

Boom! This administration is comprised of either economic illiterates or people who have agendas that they know will make things worse for everyday Americans but they just don’t care (see Biden adviser’s “liberal world order” comment for an example).

Will the U.S. Oil & Gas Assn. just coincidentally be audited by the IRS at some point? Stay tuned.



Biden’s slam on capitalist gas station owners gets a thumbs up from China state-affiliated media blue check

According to WH economist, Biden’s strategy on inflation ‘doesn’t sound like a plan’ but is (or something)

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