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NewsWATCH: Kari Lake Crushes Leftist Arizona Republic Reporter

WATCH: Kari Lake Crushes Leftist Arizona Republic Reporter


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The fraudsters of the fake news media have another thing coming! Excitement is brewing in the air as Arizona’s gubernatorial election comes closer and closer as the days go on. Republican primary candidate Kari Lake has been dominating the field, with recent reports showing the former Arizona reporter polling higher than all other primary opponents combined, leading by massive double-digit margins.

Lake’s measurably-large lead in the state may come as a surprise to some, but may be easier to understand when one takes the time to view her various interactions with dishonest reporters throughout the mainstream media. Americans nationwide are demanding politicians who are willing to punch back at the radical left; Lake’s rhetoric arguably fits the bill on that. Now, a recent interview the gubernatorial candidate gave to The Arizona Republic all but confirms this.

Journalists at The Arizona Republic ultimately never ended up publishing the interview or a related story. Their lack of coverage was probably because they were embarrassed by the exchange, Lake implied.

Lake pointed out the blatantly apparent bias of The Arizona Republic prior to the interview, noting publicly back in February that the outlet had refused to publish an op-ed she wrote detailing a plan on border security unless she removed the word “invasion.” Those interested in reading Lake’s full border plan can read that op-ed here.

The interview quickly became contentious as the reporter’s biased agenda became clearer as the questioning went on. Lake at one point told the reporter, “you guys are on the side of the cartels,” — a charge she did not deny.

During one exchange of many in the interview, the reporter pressed Lake on her assertion that Joe Biden was somehow ‘unwell.’ Lake answered without skipping a beat, prompting the reporter to quickly change the subject.

Reporter: Are you saying Joe Biden is not sane?

Lake: I think Joe Biden is compromised in many ways.

Reporter: What does that mean?

Lake: Well, I mean, have you seen him? Honestly, he can’t form a coherent sentence when he’s speaking. I don’t know if it’s dementia. I’m not a medical doctor. But I’ve heard people who are doctors say there’s something going on. He can’t form a coherent sentence. He can’t speak off the cuff. He wanders around the lawn of the White House and can’t find the door. I mean, that’s just what I’m seeing. Not to mention that we had a corrupt fraudulent election that the media refuses to cover. And we have a resident in the White House who most likely shouldn’t be there. You cannot take an election that was fraudulent and corrupt and certified. And so I’m not going to take orders from a man who is intent on destroying this country. This country is in a tailspin heading down. And I’m not going to let Joe Biden take Arizona with him.

Reporter: Okay, let’s just because I know you don’t have a lot of time I want to stay focused on border security and immigration…

The full video can be seen below:

The former Arizona reporter finished the interview off strong, calling out the journalistic malpractice of the left-wing reporter and her outlet alike. Lake told the “journalist” that “the only discussion that the Arizona Republic is interested in is a far-left discussion,” before telling her she does not “understand what the people of Arizona want.”

Lake aditionally pointed out that the reporter had lived in Arizona for the better part of less than a year.

“You’re here for 10 months acting like you know what the people of Arizona want when it comes to the border,” said Lake. “The people of Arizona want to make sure that the cartels no longer have operational control of our border. And we will when I am governor, take back control of our border. We will finish President Trump’s wall, we will send our Arizona National Guard down to the border, and we will arm them. We’re not going to let people over and when we find people we’re going to send them back.”

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