A video has gone viral on Tuesday following a violent attack conducted by Nigerian nationals in a police station located in Newcastle KZN.

The video showed the moments Nigerians broke into a police station located in Newcastle KZN, stating and accusing the police of murdering one of their own.

The outcome of the incident has taken a new turn and currently has caused commotion and serious stir on social media.

Many South African citizens say that the country is starting to be a lawless state where you find just about any nationality doing as they please, it is very obvious that they are starting to feel at home to the extent that they can storm a police station and demand that the police officer is held accountable.

Reports gathered from a reliable source revealed that the Nigerian national had threatened a law enforcement officer somehow forcing him to withdraw his pistol and shoot the suspect, or it could be that the suspect is a drug dealer and when he was ordered to surrender he tried to flee and gave the police reasonable doubt that he was a danger to himself and society.

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