Web developer creates tool to find out who's been streaming 'THAT new wizard game'

We know you know what Twitchy is, but in case you didn’t know Twitch is a very popular streaming platform used mostly by gamers; like TikTok, it has its “stars” who have hundreds of thousands tuning in to watch them play “Fortnite.” (You can also stream other content, like that AI-generated “Seinfeld” parody we told you about earlier.)

A lot of people are going to be streaming “Hogwarts Legacy,” the new “Harry Potter” game that gaming site IGN gave a 9 out of 10 but included a pathetic disclaimer: “… whether it’s ethical to play is a separate but still very important question.” We were assured that pre-ordering the game was making a donation to “actively harm trans people.”

It’s a good game and it’s going to sell millions of copies. But web developer Sam Gibbs (he/him) has created a new website in which you can enter the name of a Twitch streamer to see if they’ve streamed “THAT new wizard game” which shall remain nameless.

What a douchebag.

And lock replies he did.https://twitter.com/RBPundit/status/1622695274270363679

He even bought the domain name … surprised someone hadn’t snatched that one up.

Techno-Karen needs to touch grass.


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