We’re at the point where we’re comparing John Fetterman to Stephen Hawking – twitchy.com

As you certainly know by now, an NBC News reporter is in hot water for saying that Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman had difficulty with the interview, which was close captioned. As Twitchy reported, there have been countless accusations of “ableism” and just as many people tying themselves into knots trying to convince us that Fetterman is ready to serve as a senator. CNN’s Sanjay Gupta brought out a model brain to show what’s going on inside Fetterman’s head.

How is this different from Sen. Tammy Duckworth needing a wheelchair? He’s just hard of hearing … would you throw someone out of the Senate who wears glasses? Suppose they depend on corrective lenses to do their jobs? No, seriously:

The irony is people supporting Fetterman for Senate are going out of their way to claim he’s disabled. But he says he’ll be better by January. So is he disabled or not?

Yes, we are now at the point where people are comparing Fetterman to Stephen Hawking:

Just putting Fetterman and Hawking together in the same headline makes our brains hurt. C’mon, man!


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