We're watching Adam Kinzinger get dumber in REAL TIME --> Check out his lame dig at Vivek Ramaswamy

Vivek Ramaswamy shared this video yesterday about the rumor that AG Bragg would be having Trump arrested on Tuesday. For being someone who was fairly unknown even a month ago, Vivek has really been putting in the work to make a name for himself which is a GOOD thing since he’s running for president.

Watch this:

To be fair, McCarthy did speak out about what may or may not be happening with Trump’s arrest, and plenty of people on the Right were angry about the entire situation BUT we see what he’s saying here. Clearly, it was on point because it got the attention of glorified Twitter troll and CNN Sr. Political Analyst (ha ha ha ha ha ha), Adam Kinzinger.

He’s just not good at this and someone close to him who loves him should say so because … woof.

Adam, dude, CNN already hired you. You don’t have to keep proving how stupid you are.

We’re pretty sure no one can cry harder than Adam Kinzinger.

Just sayin’.

Like a good little Democrat.

He fits right in, yup.



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