Following Avengers: Endgame, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has explored expansive corners of its universe from pocket dimension to the Multiverse. However, the MCU also examined the extent of powers in this universe. This has best been showcased through Kamala Khan’s new origin as a Mutant, as well as the return of The Eternals. Still, the supernatural has been largely unexplored until it was announced that one of its most classic monsters would make an appearance in the new horror special, Werewolf By Night.

The series hasn’t revealed much aside from a story following a group of monster hunters playing a literal game of Werewolf as they try to find the Lycanthrope among them. Its black and white mix of Universal Classic Monsters and Hammer Horror in execution has promised that the show’s tone would be scary in the most traditional sense. However, it wouldn’t mean that there wouldn’t be a fair share of terror and even a few surprises linked to the MCU. According to New Rockstars, this may even include the appearance of Hunters from the TVA.

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Werewolf By Night May Feature Loki’s Greatest Enemy

In Loki, Hunters were the foot soldiers of the TVA and would be dispatched to prune any branched timeline from existence. They would also apprehend and set a trial for anyone who caused the branch in the first place. In Loki, when the God of Mischief stole the Tesseract, this is what happened to him and sent him on a path that led to the rebirth of the Multiverse. What was even more surprising than that was how the TVA served as a puppet organization for a man who was a variant of Kang the Conqueror and used individuals that created branched timelines to be Hunters and agents of the TVA.

Werewolf By Night is a strange place to include these individuals, but there were also scenes of individuals in armored gear that resembled the TVA attire almost perfectly. It’s been theorized the reason for this strange pairing could be that the events of the series exist in a pocket universe where a collection of monster hunters have gathered to capture whatever they’ve been tasked with. However, whether or not this could be correct is still up to speculation. That said, there are even more interesting ways the TVA could connect to Werewolf By Night, which may have nothing to do with monsters at first.

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Could the TVA Be In Werewolf By Night?

For now, it’s impossible to know if the TVA has a place in Werewolf By Night. Should they not be elite guards to detain the werewolf, the reason they appear in the special would be the perfect setup for a classic horror movie. Transported to this dimension after there are signs of a branch, an outfit of agents could enter the pocket dimension, unaware of what they’ve gotten themselves into. Now, trapped in this wild hunt, they initially encounter the Man-Thing, who has been teased to appear in the series. Considering the ties the character has to the Multiverse, this would make perfect sense, and their fear of him would then cause them to burn at his touch.

Those that have survived, however, would have a much more gruesome fate, serving as bait for the werewolf. This would then explain a particular scene where the Werewolf By Night was shown attacking guards without mercy. Essentially, the TVA’s presence would be crucial to the plot but not in terms of impacting the MCU. Instead, they could be unlucky Hunters caught in the crossfire of a hunt between real hunters and monsters. They’d be both a great Easter egg and a great way to give fans a classic monster story complete with unsuspecting victims.

See if the TVA takes on Werewolf by Night on Disney+ Oct. 7.

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