What a TOOL! Even TWITTER busts ‘activist’ Andrew Wortman for flat-out LYING about vendors selling Nazi flags at #TrumpRally – twitchy.com

Gosh, Trump supporters are such big ol’ NAZIS that our pals on the Left have to lie about it … you know Andrew Wortman isn’t great at this whole activism thing if Twitter hasn’t verified him, and considering who they DO verify? Yeah, that’s gotta be embarrassing to the self-proclaimed ‘super-followable’ Twitter troll.

Ok, and the lie is really bad, but the number of lawn flamingos who bought into this? Way to go, Biden, you’ve dumped gasoline on a bunch of insane and violent people just looking for a reason to go after those they disagree with.

Case in point:


So then he tries to prove his claim … HE SHARES PICTURES AND EVERYTHING!

See that cute little ‘stay informed’ piece? That’s Twitter fact-checking Andrew.


Nazi flags, tiki torches … the Left seems to LOVE fascist symbolism.

So does that make Hillary a Nazi? Asking for a friend.

That would be a super-safe limb to go out on.

Some out-of-context images … even Twitter knocked him.


We’d be embarrassed for him if we thought he had the ability to be embarrassed.



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