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NewsWhat Are Medusa and Perseus in Photocopier?

What Are Medusa and Perseus in Photocopier?


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A girl’s quest to hint the occasions that happened on an evening she blacked out kinds the crux of ‘Photocopier.’ Wregas Bhanuteja’s function directorial debut makes use of superbly haunting allegories to carry out the protagonist’s plight. Suryani, an ace scholar who loses her scholarship as a result of only one evening of ingesting, realizes that not all is because it appeared on the evening of Mata Hari’s celebration. In reality, a play on Medusa and Perseus that will get acclaim is the explanation the fateful celebration is thrown within the very first place. From the start, this Greek story acts as a motif for us, so we determined to interrupt down the intricacy of this metaphor. SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Are Medusa and Perseus in Photocopier?

The film opens with a efficiency of a play revolving round Medusa and Perseus — central characters of an notorious Greek story. To chop a protracted story brief, Perseus’ mom, Danae, and he are banished from their homeland. King Polydectes, the ruler of the island the place they finally make their manner, is kind of obsessed on Danae and desires to be along with her. Ultimately, after imprisoning the mom, Perseus is distributed by the king to get Medusa’s head.

As per the fable, anybody that appears on the Gorgon will flip into stone. However with the assistance of Athena and some different characters, Perseus is ready to slay Medusa with none eye contact and save his mom from the clutches of King Polydectes. On the floor, it appears as if that is simply one other story the place a person will get to be a hero and the girl — on this case, his mom — turns into the damsel in misery. Medusa takes on the position of the villain, which is amped up by the way in which she seems to be. (Snakes instead of hair doesn’t sound just like the stuff of goals, does it?)

Nonetheless, delving deeper into Greek mythology, we discover out that Medusa herself has been the sufferer of a person’s lust. When Poseidon, the God of the Sea, turns into enamored by her, he rapes her in Athena’s temple, who in flip makes Medusa a monster. As such, the truth that ‘Photocopier’ opens with this tragic story additionally appears to focus on the central characters of our story — Sur and Rama.

Sur — and to some extent Farah and Tariq — could also be seen because the Gorgon siblings. However it’s primarily Sur who might be known as Medusa. In any case, if Rama believes himself to be Perseus, then Sur is the “monster” who is ready on destroying him, and somebody with as a lot affect in society as Rama will do every thing he can to slay the mentioned monster.

The primary half of the film makes an attempt to provide Rama a preventing likelihood at proving his innocence, and Sur’s claims are repeatedly questioned. Ultimately, even a viewer finds themselves casually questioning if Rama, the harmless showing one, is definitely able to heinous acts. Sur initially simply appears to be paranoid in regards to the occasions of the evening, particularly when the CCTV footage at Rama’s home reveals no apparent indicators of wrongdoings.

Nonetheless, the sequences within the latter half of the movie additionally set up that Rama thinks of himself as Perseus, the slayer of Medusa. In an particularly poignant scene the place Rama and his accomplices fumigate Siti’s house, he comes dressed up because the Greek hero and recites the strains from Mata Hari’s play in an nearly psychopathic method. Whereas holding the driving force’s cellphone in his arms, Rama says, “This Pandora’s field is a container for unspeakable evils that can not be let out! And this Perseus should banish it to oblivion.”

This entire act turns into much more terrifying when the general public service announcement for the fumigation, requesting individuals to not neglect “to empty, to cowl, and to bury,” is performed within the background. Carrying the invisibility helmet, which is part of Perseus’ outfit, Rama then burns the cellphone, solely proving that he doesn’t repent his actions. His actions should not that of a hero, but when for the sake of this dialog, we do contemplate him as Perseus, then it’s apparent that the metaphorical Medusa is Sur and the proof that she, together with Farah and Tariq, has been capable of purchase towards him. Because of this Rama calls himself the destroyer of Medusa earlier than burning the cellphone and ruins the trio’s preventing likelihood to show their argument.

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Source: Cinemaholic

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