What happened to Barry Mohan

The family tree is a big mass involving a lot of relations and affection. Losing one person from that tree will be a great loss for every person. Even after the growth of the generations, people will miss the dead person every time. They will always be missed. Their memories will haunt us wherever we go and stay. How horrible a feeling it is. It will be harder for people in the family tree to die in the same incidents or tragedies. So cruel it is.

One such heartbreaking news is about the death of Barry Mohan, who also died in the accident like his father, who died five to six years ago. 

Who is Barry Mohan? 

A young, talented, and famous singer and guitarist is Barry Mohan. He played songs and guitars in his favorite Irish rock folk team band, in which his brother Pauric was the lead singer. The young champ had unique talents and skills and was rocking with them. He had fans and friends for his music and plays. 

What happened to Barry Mohan? 

It is very saddening to see a wonderful person and a singer lose his life at 28. He has gone too soon from the earth. According to the reports, the team Barry Mohan had announced the death on social media: “We are deeply saddened and shocked to learn of the death this morning of Barry Mohan, guitarist, and talented musician with All Folk’d Up, in a road traffic collision last night.” 

Yes, the singer had lost his life. He had died because of the tragedy that happened to him. Like his father, he was also met with an accident, and unfortunately, he could not escape that incident, which took his life. It is known that his father had also died in an accident five years ago. 

According to the police reports, the tragic incident happened on Monaghan road. The car he had traveled in white Audi A3, had collided with another Volvo lorry, which had caused a tragic accident and took his life. 

Memories of Barry Mohan:      

Losing our closed ones is an irreparable loss. After knowing the death of Barry Mohan, his friends and colleagues are sharing their memories about him and how good he is. The band in which he was working, one among representatives of the band, shared his demise and said, “Barry was an integral part of the band’s success and brother of lead singer Pauric. His energy and enthusiasm was always evident on stage, and will be sadly missed on the local music scene”.

And also, they added that “We have worked with Barry over the last number of years, and it was apparent that his talent, his professionalism on and off stage, his love for music, and his drive and determination for the band was always there with a smile on his face.”

How hard it will feel to miss the person we saw for most days and their talents and abilities in front of our eyes. The social media is filled with his memories and prayers for his family to give him strength. The young singer has gone too soon. How energetic and cute he wore throughout his career. Each and everyone will miss him. 

Strength and prayers to his family and friends! May his soul rest in peace! The youngest singer and the guitarist!

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