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Cast and crew of “When Calls the Heart” recently shared photos from a special late-night filming session for season 9. Although we don’t know yet what the scene was about, we do know that the Hallmark series has a history of having some great episodes that take place at night.

Erin Krakow Revealed a Beautiful Photo from that Evening

On Instagram, Krakow revealed a beautiful photo from that evening.

She called it “Fraturday the 13th.” The photo showed a late-night scene at the saloon where Lucas works. Some fans think they might even be able to see Chris McNally as Lucas standing near the saloon.

One viewer wrote: “Sooo excited for the Lucas and Elisabeth love story to move past the grief and into happiness and joy this season 9!!! ❤️”

Another commented: “Saloon looks fabulous under the night sky.”

In a Q&A session on Instagram, Krakow also answered fans’ questions about what it’s like to film late at night. One asked, “How DID you stay awake for the night shoots?” They were seeking advice for early birds.

Krakow wrote that she drank a lot of water and indulged in Purebread pastries to help her stay awake. She said that laughing a lot helped too.

Andrea Brooks & Wesley Salter Shared Their Stories from the Late-Night Filming Session

Brooks was also part of the late-night filming, and shared an Instagram story of herself enjoying lunch at 9 p.m. at night.


Wesley Salter also shared a photo from filming. He’s playing Wyman Walden, so it appears the mysterious Walden will be part of that late-night scene.

Martin Cummins Shared His Own Night Filming Photo

Martin Cummins, who portrays Henry, also shared a beautiful photo from the nighttime shoot on his Instagram Story.


Pascale Hutton Said the Shoot Was a ‘Tall Order’

On her Instagram, Pascale Hutton (Rosemary) shared her own photo, writing that the night shoot was a “tall order.”

Some fans asked if this was Rosemary and Lee with a baby, others asked if they were seeing Elizabeth and Lucas’s shadows. Another viewer commented, “We need a Fab Four pic with RoseLee and LucaBeth 🥰.”

In fact, more than one viewer commented that they hoped they were shooting a double date with Rosemary, Lee, Lucas, and Elizabeth.

Director Siobhan Devine Shared Photos

Director Siobhan Devine, who has taken over for Peter DeLuise and is directing Block 2 of “When Calls the Heart,” shared photos on her Instagram.

One photo was this beautiful shot below showcasing Hope Valley at night. She wrote: “Night shoot in Hope Valley, it’s so pretty at night #wcth.”

One person replied: “Night time in Hope Valley ….looking very quiet and peaceful ❤️❤️ such a magical place❤️❤️.”

Another wrote, “It is magical!!! Thank you for sharing….still waiting to see Lucas and Elizabeth, please! ❤️”

She also shared another night shoot photo, writing: “Night shoot #2 on #wcth
snap @phutton.”

Hutton replied simply with a winking smiley face.

Devine later shared a photo of the same set with a smokey atmosphere, since there have been quite a few wildfires in Canada lately.

DeLuise had shared on August 9 that Block 1 of filming was wrapping up after 13 days and Devine would be directing Block 2.

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