LuLaRoe, a clothing company based out of Corona, California, is the subject of Amazon Prime Video’s docuseries, ‘LuLaRich.’ From directors and producers Jenner Furst and Julia Willoughby Nason, the series delves into the controversial business model that was adopted by the company’s founders, DeAnne and Mark Stidham. Jordan Brady, who is DeAnna’s son, is also an integral part of the company. So, if you’re curious about where he is now and what he might be doing, here’s what we know!

Who is Jordan Brady?

In 1978, DeAnne married Kenneth Brady, and the couple had four children together: Kenny, Amelia, Nicole, and Jordan. They also adopted three more. Sometime after DeAnne and Kenneth divorced, she met Mark, whom she married. DeAnne started LuLaRoe with Mark right out of their home. The company saw rapid growth, with the couple officially incorporating LuLaRoe in 2013. They opened an office in Corona and decided to hire their children in different roles.

Jordan was hired as the Head of Leadership and Culture Development. His siblings Amelia and Kenneth also landed roles within the company. Jordan graduated from Brigham Young University in Idaho with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. As the company grew, they were also known for having extravagant events for the retailers, where Jordan also was the “hypeman,” according to the documentary.

While LuLaRoe’s initial profits were staggering, they were also hit by many lawsuits. Chief among them is the one filed by the Attorney General of the State of Washington that accused the company of being a pyramid scheme. Along with DeAnne and Mark, Jordan has also been named in the lawsuit. The lawsuit claimed that LuLaRoe’s business model mirrored a pyramid scheme. It includes any prospective retailer paying up about $5000 to purchase inventory that they would then sell. But the majority of the profits came from retailers getting new sellers into the fold because they would receive a commission for every time a recruit purchased inventory. This led to the newer recruits never seeing profits.

Where is Jordan Brady Now?

Image Credit: Jordan Brady/LinkedIn

The lawsuit was settled in February 2021 for $4.75 million. While the company did not admit to any wrongdoing, they were banned from operating a pyramid scheme and required to practice transparency with their consultants. Jordan, who worked in the advertising field while he was a student at BYU, still seems to hold the same position at LuLaRoe. With the company set up in Corona, it seems like Jordan lives there as well.

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