The Ultimatum is finally here, and the reality series seems to be what everyone is talking about. A lot happened in the first batch of episodes, but no one was expecting some of the couples to get engaged so early on in the experiment. We shared all of the engaged couples from the first set of episodes right below.

From the creators of Love is Blind comes a show about couples on the verge of marriage who are trying to figure out if they are ready to commit or move on.

The social experiment starts with each participant splitting from their partners and taking part in a speed dating process. Next, the participants choose one potential partner outside of their relationship to move in with for three weeks in a trial marriage. After the trial marriage ends, each participant goes back to their original partners to spend another three weeks in a trial marriage. At the end of the second trial marriage, each person must decide if they want to get married to their original partner or break up for good.

So which couples got engaged in the first batch of episodes of The Ultimatum? Read on to find out the answer to this burning question.

Spoilers ahead for The Ultimatum!

During the process of choosing new partners for the first trial marriage, two couples got engaged.

Do Alexis and Hunter get engaged in The Ultimatum?

Yes! After April chooses Hunter as her partner for the first trial marriage, Alexis realizes that she doesn’t want to see Hunter with anyone else. She stands up and expresses how she hadn’t made romantic connections with any of the other participants. Alexis gets emotional when speaking about how much she wants to be with Hunter and how hard it is to watch Hunter get to know other people and build connections.

After Alexis finishes talking, Nick Lachey asks Hunter what’s going through his mind. Hunter stands up and says that he wants to marry Alexis. He walks over to Alexis and gets down on one knee. He gives Alexis a beautiful proposal speech before asking her to marry him. Alexis says yes, and the two share a kiss.

Do Lauren and Nate get engaged in The Ultimatum?

Yes, Lauren and Nate got engaged, but it seemed rushed. After Colby chooses Lauren as his partner for the trial marriage, Nate begins panicking. He believes Colby will eventually win Lauren over, and he doesn’t want to lose Lauren.

Co-host Nick Lachey asks Lauren if she’s ready to make her choice. She tells him that she’s ready and is about to tell everyone who she chooses as her new partner for three weeks, but Nate interrupts her. He walks over to Lauren and gets down on one knee to propose. Lauren says yes.

Their engagement shocked the whole cast because one of the main problems in Lauren and Nate’s relationship is the fact that Lauren doesn’t want kids and Nate does. That’s a huge sacrifice that Nate would be making if he goes through with the marriage.

I think Nate became threatened after seeing Colby choose Lauren as his new partner. He knew that Lauren would most likely choose Colby back since they had formed a connection. I think Nate’s fear of losing Lauren for good caused him to propose. In my opinion, Nate and Lauren needed more time to grow and work through their problems. The social experiment hadn’t even really started, and Nate was already proposing.

What did you think about the engaged couples? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below! Also, continue streaming The Ultimatum and get ready for the finale and reunion special coming to Netflix on April 13!

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