Big Ed Dating Life: 90 Day Fiance is one of the most popular televisions series right now. Most of the people love the show because the whole format of show feels a bit unconventional. It is claimed that many people had found love on the show. Some of these people broke off after the show ended.



Big Ed was regarded as one of the most prominent people on the show. He managed to gain a lot of attention when the first season of his appearance did not go as expected. His awkward first date was something that attracted a lot of people.


Big Ed: Tumultuous Dating Experiences

The viewers had a lot to see during the first dating experiences of Big Ed. This is because he had a few rocky breakups at the beginning of his dating life. But, then Liz walked into the stage and things were going well between them. This was running in contravention to the expectations of the fans.

But, then it hit a rocky path again with Liz. This went to such an extent that Big Ed confessed that he is seeking therapy. All of this made the headlines when this appeared on the 90 Days: Single Life Tell-All episode.

Viewers were not convinced with the position of Big Ed. This is because he is considered to have a self-sabotaging personality. The prime cause of this is perhaps that he dates much younger women. Hence, it seems that his relationship with Liz was also in trouble but now the beans have been spilled.

Big Ed: Who is he dating now?

Although things were going good for Big Ed with Liz. But, the whole thing did not work out after the meeting with Ed’s daughter did not go as planned. It seems now that Big Ed is not dating anyone and is pretty much single.

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