Terri Irwin is one of the most popular faces in the Environment fora. She is known for being an avid conservationist and an author. She is also known for running an independent animal shelter for predator animals who are injured.



The best part is that she started working with and for animals since the age of 22. Earlier she was involved in the trucking business run by her family. Then, Steve Irwin came into her life. This proved to be a pivotal moment in her life. So many years have passed since they had met, and she still says that Steve was her soulmate.


Terri Irwin: The relationship with Steve Irwin

Both of them had met back in the year 1992. After only a year of dating, they decided to tie the knot. Unfortunately, Steve succumbed to his injuries which was caused by a stingray. It had caused immense damage to his heart and he could not make it due to these injuries.

She was interviewed back in 2018. She was asked whether she was dating any other person. Terri revealed that she wasn’t interesting in dating and relationships back then. Since then, she has been linked with a few men, but she has not paid heed to these rumours.

Terri Irwin: Linked with Russell Crowe?

Terri and Russell Crowe have been linked for quite a period time now. But, it seems that it is only a close friendship. She was inquired about her relationship with Mr. Crowe. She replied by saying that he is a dear friend and nothing more.

Terri further said that Russell Crowe has been a very close friend of the family. She was also linked to Richard Wilkins. To this, Terri said jokingly how flattering it was to be linked to such a big personality.

So, that is all the news we have on the dating life of Terri Irwin.

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