Passing dropped on Netflix on Nov. 10, and people are amazed by Tessa Thompson’s performance in the drama film. Some people have begun researching everything there is to know about her, such as her age, Instagram, height, and roles. But they can’t seem to find who she’s currently dating.

Tessa Thompson has starred in many successful films in her acting career, and fans have loved every role she’s played. She’s another well-rounded actress who can literally play any role. When portraying a character, Tessa can easily blend and become the character. She does an excellent job at bringing her characters to life. Honestly, she’s a joy to watch on screen!

After her outstanding performance as Irene in Passing, you can’t help but be curious about this wonderful actress’s personal life. Tessa Thompson is a beautiful and intriguing woman, so surely she’s taken by someone, right? We will tell you everything we know about this talented actress’s love life.

Who is Tessa Thompson dating?

All my guys and gals, it looks like Tessa is single and living her best life! She tries to keep her love life private, but she just can’t catch a break when it comes to the paparazzi. She’s been seen with other celebrities in intimate settings by paparazzi in the past, which of course, has people speculating about her relationship status. However, every person she’s been rumored to be romantically involved with has never been confirmed by her or the other person.

And don’t go thinking you’re going to find any clues of her relationship status through her social media accounts because you aren’t. Tessa really wants her love life to remain under wraps, and we have to respect her decision. She could very well be dating someone right now, but we wouldn’t know. So, ladies and gents, we believe Tessa is single and may be ready to mingle?

Tessa Thompson dating history

Tessa Thompson has been romantically linked to five people that we know of. According to PopSugar, in 2015, Tessa was linked to Grammy-nominated singer Janelle Monáe when she starred as a backup dancer in Janelle’s “Yoga” video. The pair were then photographed together at the 2015 MOCA gala. However, the rumors really began to surface in 2018, when Janelle dropped her music video for her album Dirty Computer and Tessa was featured a lot in the video.

What really led people to believe that the two were an item was when Tessa did an interview with Net-A-Porter in 2018. In this interview, Tessa confessed that she and Janelle love each other very deeply and that she’s fine if people speculate about what they are to each other. But then she later says in a tweet that she never said she was in a relationship. So we’ll never know if Tessa and Janelle ever really dated. However, I think they did.

The second person Tessa was rumored to be dating was English singer Dev Hynes in 2019. They were spotted out in several places together, which led people to believe that they were dating. In 2020, they were spotted at the after-party for the premiere of Sylvie’s Love, and Tessa was seen cozying it up with the singer. After they were spotted at Milan Fashion Week in 2020, we hadn’t seen the pair together again.

In 2021, questionable pictures came out of Tessa, Taika Waititi, and Rita Ora hanging out together, and rumors spread that the trio was in a polyamorous relationship. In one photo, Tessa is seen kissing Rita, and in another photo, the three are intimately embracing each other. We’re not sure what was going on in the photos, but I guess it was just three friends enjoying each others’ company? Tessa never came out and spoke about the situation.

The last person we’ve seen Tessa with in an intimate manner is Australian model Zac Stenmark. On May 23, she was seen kissing him and holding hands in Australia. However, it’s unclear if they are dating because we haven’t seen Tessa with him since then. So until Tessa actually comes out and says she’s dating someone, we’re going to have to believe she’s single.

Tessa’s latest film, Passing, is now streaming on Netflix, so be sure to check it out!

Source: Netflix Life

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