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Want to know Buffy from Family Affair and her inspiring story? Her story has been a tragic one that has completely changed the mentality of people.




Family Affair


Yes! It’s not always what we see. Here you will get to know a tragic story of a stardom Hollywood child. To know it even more briefly let’s get into the article below.

Who is Anissa aka Buffy From Family Affair?

Anissa Jones got selected and played the role of Family Affair at a very young age. It might seem great to you to start their career at just right. But yes it’s not always necessary that what seems has to be the way it is.

The story of Buffy from Family Affair is based upon her and her twin brother Jody. They both went on to live with their uncle who is a bachelor after their parent’s death in a car accident. The story seems great, but then coming back to the real-life of Buffy aka Anissa is quite tough.

Why is Anissa’s Life Considered to be a Tragic One?

Anissa has always been away from experiencing her education life and the basic needs of a child. It was because of the demand of her to be on set. Anissa played the role of Buffy from 1966 to 1971 and got recognized as her role among the people. This became challenging for her in the future.

The young girl had a great dream of working in a lead role in The Exorcist, but due to her identity as Buffy, she was unable to get into it. Though she was offered to be a part of Brain Keith Show till then she lost her interest to be on television.

Well, this doesn’t get stopped here! Her parents got divorced and with this, her father was awarded custody but sadly he died in few days during this. Meanwhile, Anissa went to live with one of her friends and her brother went to stay with their mother.

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What Made Anissa’s Story a Tragic One?

After she moved on with her friend her mother accused her of running away. For which she got arrested. After getting back she started to live with her mother and also started skipping up to her high school.

When she was 18 she went on a date with her new boyfriend on a beach and was found dead in her 14-year-old friend’s room. This was not a thing to get surprised instead it was obvious. As the reason for her death was the larger intake of cocaine, Quaaludes, PCP, and Seconal. Yes her death is a tragic one at such a young age through being so successful.

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