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Why Didn't Jeffrey Dean Morgan Appear in Season 3...

Why Didn’t Jeffrey Dean Morgan Appear in Season 3 of The Boys?


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Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s much-anticipated cameo on The Boys didn’t happen in Season 3 of The Boys, and it appears that his involvement on The Walking Dead stopped it.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s cameo in season 3 of The Boys was cancelled, and it appears that schedule conflicts were to cause. Some well-known performers appear in Prime Video’s hit superhero spoof series, including Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher, Jack Quaid, Antony Starr, and Erin Moriarty. Season 3 of The Boys is scheduled to bring in Jensen Ackles of Supernatural fame as Soldier Boy, as well as Laurie Holden of The Walking Dead as Crimson Countess.



The Boys has consistently been able to attract additional stars thanks to its ever-growing pool of Supes and the excellent reception to the series. For a long time, it seemed as if Jeffrey Dean Morgan might eventually join the cast. The actor previously worked with Eric Kripke on Supernatural and has played Negan on The Walking Dead for numerous years. However, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a great fan of The Boys and has expressed interest in collaborating with Kripke on the superhero series again. Despite the fact that nothing was ever officially confirmed, it appeared likely that season 3 would ultimately happen.

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However, in the run-up to The Boys season 3’s release on Prime Video in June, Eric Kripke and Jensen Ackles spoke to EW and stated that Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s cameo was not included in this season’s episode. Morgan’s hectic schedule prevented Ackles from including his Supernatural co-star in The Boys season 3, according to Ackles. When asked if fans will see Jeffrey Dean Morgan in season 4 of The Boys (if it happens), Kripke again emphasised the difficulty of scheduling such an appearance.

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It’s not unexpected that schedule issues prevented Jeffrey Dean Morgan from appearing in season 3 of The Boys. Morgan has a very busy filming schedule now that Negan is one of the main characters on The Walking Dead. Furthermore, the third season of The Boys was in production during the COVID-19 pandemic, further complicating circumstances. With the added stress of flying during the epidemic and quarantining upon arrival at a new set, Morgan’s appearance this season was likely too time-consuming for her to pull off.

There’s still a potential that Jeffrey Dean Morgan will show up on The Boys in future seasons. Season 4 has yet to be officially announced by Prime Video, but given the show’s success, it’s almost certain to happen. Morgan could possibly appear in other episodes related to The Boys universe, such as the future college spinoff or a second season of The Boys: Diabolical.

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