Art for The Finals featuring a persona in a bulletproof vest in a white and red mask standing in front of a yellow background

A new game by Embark Studios is coming soon to PC and consoles, and it has been gaining the attention of many FPS lovers over the month of March. That game is The Finals. Thanks to a recent beta test opening, players have gotten a pretty good idea of what’s to come from this game, and it’s exciting. To further entice players to check out The Finals, the game will be free-to-play.

The Finals seems to be a solid option for fans of competitive FPS games like Call of Duty. There’s a wide arsenal of weaponry to choose from and even a few different body types that will affect the player’s maneuverability, weapon selection, and special abilities. What is really setting the game apart, however, to a level that hasn’t quite been seen before is just how much destruction players can inflict on their surrounding environment.

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The Finals Is Comparable to Epic FPS Games Like Rainbow Six

The Finals - ninja cuts down enemy for coins

The Finals offers something truly unique to the FPS genre: a fully destructible environment within each playing map. This feature has, of course, appeared in other titles over the years. Rainbow Six Siege is a good example of a game that adds a healthy level of strategy by allowing players to detonate certain surfaces or break through windows like a true SWAT team member. In The Finals, however, players can destroy structures with grenades, rocket launchers, and sledgehammers, and enough damage can topple entire buildings.

Besides the amazing destruction physics and mechanics, The Finals also contains solid gunplay. The feeling of the game may be reminiscent of the Battlefield series to some fans, and this is because the same developers of Battlefield are responsible for The Final‘s creation. The Finals could even be compared to Apex Legends since many players will have the ability to place zip lines and bounce pads that add an extremely fast pace to the game as a whole.

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The Finals Has Plenty of Personality

The Finals - player hits enemy with a taser

The aesthetic of The Finals deserves its own discussion since its playful style shows up throughout the core gameplay mechanics. All players are competing in a sort of virtual game show. Holographic audience members are constantly cheering players on, commentators regularly give their input on the match, and enemies will spill pools of gold coins instead of blood upon death. Players also need to watch out for in-game variables that will affect everyone on the map, such as meteor showers, low gravity, or extra damage.

The main game mode that was revealed in beta testing is a twist on capture the flag, with cargo and escort elements. Players will find stashes of cash throughout the map that will have to be safely returned to the bank. Players can choose to either defend their bank, find more cash, or even steal from their opponents. The destructible environment offers plenty of chaos as well as opportunities for strategy since gamers can demolish key paths in their wake or extract from an enemy’s bank by taking out the floor from below, just like a proper heist.

Every player has a telekinetic ability that allows them to pick up objects like explosives, cash boxes, and even miniature figurines that appear when teammates are unconscious, allowing allies to take them to a safer place to revive. Although players can run and clamber at full speed while telekinetically holding an object, they won’t be able to fire their weapon. Some characters, however, will have access to abilities like invisibility, shields, or constructing turrets, which are sure to aid anyone carrying anything important.

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There Are Some Concerns Regarding The Finals

The Finals - squad infiltrates a building

The Finals is turning out to be a truly ambitious title with lots of unique game mechanics and world interactions. While the destructive features are the game’s strength and help it stand out, they could also be a cause of some problems if the developers aren’t careful. Games that allow so much destruction, like Minecraft, are notorious for frying gamers’ hardware if they push things too far. Some players have already noticed rooms and streets becoming flooded with debris after destroying buildings, making it impossible to tactically respond at times.

Overall, the game is receiving mostly positive reviews. All the chaotic qualities of the game seem to be what makes it enjoyable, and everything is fairly polished even in the beta stage. The developers are no doubt aware of the intricacies involved in creating a world that is so affected by physics and player interaction. Soon enough, The Finals will be available for everyone to try out for themselves for free, but a concrete release date is yet to be revealed.

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