The Wisconsin State Senate has passed a bill prohibiting the outside, private financing of elections – a move that follows the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s large-scale 2020 election interference.

As originally reported by The National Pulse ahead of the 2020 election, Zuckerberg ploughed cash into heavily Democrat districts in order to privately march more left-wing voters to the ballot box.

Prior to last year’s election, Senator Josh Hawley highlighted that employees from the six largest tech firms of Silicon Valley, including Facebook, donated almost $5 million to the Biden-Harris presidential campaign. Only $239,000 had been donated by the tech firms’ employees to the Trump campaign.

Now, Wisconsin Senate bill SB 207 attempts to ban the practice of private funding of elections, though it is expected to be vetoed by Democratic Governor Tony Evers.

According to local news sites, the bills approved include:

  • SB 207 – prohibiting local governments from applying for and accepting private money to cover the costs of administering an election;
  • SB 208 – requiring the Elections Commission to post draft minutes of its meetings within 48 hours of a meeting or hearing;
  • SB 213 – allowing district attorneys to investigate some election law violations in counties contiguous to theirs.

Research director Will Flanders of the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty said, following the release of a new report into election integrity: “This analysis provides convincing evidence that the CTCL grants played a role in increasing turnout for Joe Biden in 2020. Wisconsin lawmakers should act to ensure local election administration isn’t captured by private money seeking partisan advantage.”

Source: The National Pulse

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