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NewsYou MAD bro? Biden hilariously MOCKED (and mocked more)...

You MAD bro? Biden hilariously MOCKED (and mocked more) for his statement on how ‘unhappy’ he is with SCOTUS gun ruling – twitchy.com


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Let’s not pretend Biden knows what day it is, let alone how the SCOTUS ruled on guns today.

But we’ll play along and pretend Sleep Joe actually ‘wrote’ this.

Take a gander:

Awww, Creepy Uncle Joe is unhappy.


This ruling doesn’t contradict the Constitution.

And c’mon, Biden (or whoever wrote this) wouldn’t know common sense if it fell out of the sky, landed on his (their) face and started to wiggle.

Nobody is all that impressed, Obama … Rice … Klain … ahem.

And if the socialists are unhappy it’s a good thing.

Hey, if you don’t want us calling you a socialist STOP ACTING LIKE ONE.






So it’s all fair, eh?



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‘You were WARNED’: BRUTAL thread takes Biden voters/#NeverTrump APART for claiming ‘they didn’t think he’d be THIS bad’

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