You should take AOC’s ‘arrest paperwork’ just as seriously as you took her handcuffs [pic] –

If you’ll recall, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was among the Democratic members of Congress who was handcuffed* by police and taken into police custody** yesterday.

*Not actually handcuffed

**Led to a lovely shady spot under some trees where she was given water to drink while she listened to music with her colleagues

Her dedicated staff did their damnedest to make a badass out of her, but they failed, of course, as we’d all already seen the footage for ourselves.

Since that tweet didn’t do the trick to convince us of her stunning bravery, it was up to AOC herself to get the narrative out there. And that’s exactly what she did. Or, rather, what she tried and failed spectacularly to do by posting her “arrest paperwork”:

Yeah, they really put AOC through the wringer, didn’t they?

We can’t even with AOC. Seriously, she’s been a drama queen for so long, you’d think she’d be a lot better at it by now. We’re sure she has the idiots fooled. The fact that she’s still in office supports that. But the rest of us? Good Lord.


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