Zeke Emanuel clarifies why you should just go ahead and pull the plug on grandma when she gets to 75

Dammit, Zeke Emanuel. Can you not be a ghoul for even, like, five minutes?

The answer of course, is no. No he cannot. He literally cannot not salivate at the prospect of cutting elderly people’s lives off once they hit 75 years old or so:

If you’d like to hear him out, here are the “3 key points” he thinks people need to keep in mind when discussing life expectancy. Or, rather, life allowance:

Shorter Zeke Emanuel: At a certain point, you’ve lived long enough. Be thankful if you don’t make it to 80, because you’d just be a burden and a drain on society if you did.

No kidding. This is deranged. Especially when you consider that Emanuel is a physician. His life has ostensibly been dedicated to helping people live healthier, fuller lives, but if given the opportunity, he’d pull that plug on grandma without any hesitation whatsoever.

“Grandma overstayed her welcome,” says Zeke Emanuel.

In summary:

Doctor’s order.



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