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Michael John Kells “Mick” Fleetwood was born on 24 June 1947, in Redruth, Cornwall UK. Mick is a famous rock musician, and is also an actor, but most significantly is a co-founder of the rock band “Fleetwood Mac”, along with John McVie, a British bass guitarist. In 1998, Mick was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Mick Fleetwood’s net worth has increased considerably as he has released many albums as a member of “Fleetwood Mac”, as well as solo albums. In addition to that, in order to achieve greater revenue and thus enlarge his net worth, Mick has appeared in several movies and TV shows.

So how rich is Mick Fleetwood? Sources estimate that, since his career began in 1963, Fleetwood has saved a net worth of $8.5 million. The sum has been considerably reduced over the years by the high-life Mick Fleetwood has lived.

Mick Fleetwood Net Worth $8.5 Million

Because of his father`s work, Mick spent some years of his childhood in Egypt and Norway. When he was 15 years old, Mick moved to London, where he decided to pursue a career as a musician. What is particularly interesting is that Mick can play various types of percussion instruments. He formed “Fleetwood Mac” along with John McVie, Jeremy Spencer, Bob Brunning and Peter Green. Several albums were released, and Mick Fleetwood’s net worth was boosted. The band then moved to United States, where Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie joined the group.

Working together with “Fleetwood Mac”, Mick released such albums as “Then Play On” (1969), “Future Games” (1971), “Heroes Are Hard to Find” (1974), “Rumours” (1977), “Tango in the Night” (1987), “Behind the Mask” (1990), and “Say You Will” (2003). These are just a few of many which “Fleetwood Mac” have produced – the group is regarded world-wide as one of the best bands of the rock era.

Moreover, Mick decided to try himself out in a solo career too, which was very successful as Mick managed to release several albums: “The Visitor” (1981), “I`m Not Me” (1983), “Shakin` the Cage” (1992), “Something Big” (2004) and “Blue Again!” (2008), the latter featuring Rick Vito, an American guitarist and singer. Mick Fleetwood’s net worth was increased considerably from these projects.

There are no doubts that Mick Fleetwood is a talented person. He has successfully appeared in several movies, for example in “The Running Man” (1987), “Zero Tolerance” (1995), “Snide and Prejudice” (1997), “Mr. Music” (1997), “Burning Down the House” (2001), and “Get a Job” (2011).

“Top Gear” is a famous British show about motor vehicles, in which Fleetwood appeared during the 2013 series, and which would have added useful revenue to Mick’s net worth. Mick Fleetwood released his memoires in his book “Fleetwood – My Life and Adventures with Fleetwood Mac”, written in collaboration with writer Stephen Davis. The book was released in 1990, to mixed critical reviews and public interest.

In his personal life, by his own admission Mick Fleetwood has spent huge amounts of money on drugs, in particular cocaine, as well as on alcohol and provocative never-ending parties. For such great enjoyment and irresponsibility, Mick was even forced to announce his financial embarrassment, in particular bankruptcy. Mick has been married four times, to Jenny Boyd twice between 1970–1978, Sara Recor (1988–1992), and Lynn Frankel (m. 1995), and has four children.

Full Name Mick Fleetwood
Net Worth $8.5 Million
Date Of Birth June 24, 1947
Place Of Birth Redruth, United Kingdom
Height 6 ft 4 in (1.95 m)
Profession Musician, Drummer, Actor, Film Producer
Nationality American
Spouse Lynn Frankel (m. 1995), Sara Recor (m. 1988–1992), Jenny Boyd (m. 1976–1978), Jenny Boyd (m. 1970–1977)
Children Amy Fleetwood, Tessa Fleetwood, Lucy Fleetwood, Ruby Fleetwood
Parents John Joseph Kells Fleetwood, Bridget Maureen Fleetwood, Bridget Maureen Fleetwood, John Joseph Kells Fleetwood
Siblings Susan Fleetwood, Sally Fleetwood, Susan Fleetwood, Sally Fleetwood
Nicknames Fleetwood, Mick , Michael John Kells Fleetwood , Fleetwood Mac , Mick Fleetwood’s Zoo , Michael John Kells “Mick” Fleetwood
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/realmickfleetwood
Twitter https://twitter.com/MickFleetwood
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mickfleetwoodofficial/?hl=en
MySpace http://www.myspace.com/mickfleetwood
IMDB http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0281450
Allmusic www.allmusic.com/artist/mick-fleetwood-mn0000404915
Awards Grammy Award for Album Of The Year (20th GRAMMY Awards)
Record Labels Blue Horizon, Warner Bros., RCA, Sanctuary
Albums Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac (1968), Bare Trees (1972), Fleetwood Mac (1975), Rumours (1977), Tusk (1979), The Visitor (1981), Mirage (1982), I’m Not Me (1983), Greatest Hits (1988), The Dance (1997), Something Big (2004), Blue Again! (2008)
Music Groups Fleetwood Mac (1967), John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, Spinal Tap
Nominations Grammy Award for Best Traditional Blues Album (52nd GRAMMY Awards), Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (1998), MusiCares Person of the Year Award (support for MusiCares (2018)
Movies “The Running Man” (1987), “Zero Tolerance” (1995), “Snide and Prejudice” (1997), “Mr. Music” (1997), “Burning Down the House” (2001), “Get a Job” (2011)
TV Shows The BRIT Awards (1989), Star Trek: The Next Generation (1989), Wiseguy (1989), Top Gear (2013)
# Trademark
1 Energetic live performances
2 His Towering Height
3 Long Hair
4 Thick Beard
# Quote
1 [on what characteristic of musicians often makes them prone to wild living] A lot of creative people are vulnerable: they’re just so focused on what they’re doing. So it’s quite viable to dumb out those feelings with substance or a just flat-out lifestyle
2 [observation, 2014, on the reconstitution of ‘Fleetwood Mac’] There was no ‘Oh, we better blow the trumpet and rally the reunion of the band’. It was sort of magical the way it happened.. It’s sort of a very cool fable – half nightmare, half fairy-tale story
3 I have found out that I love to be really, really, really hot. It tells my little brain that I’m really doing it, like a rat experiment. So [when I perform] I have heaters all around me. My worst nightmare would be that the auditorium air conditioners are going.
4 [on what reminiscences he chose to emphasize in his memoir ‘Play On’] Learning how to handle the huge theatre of my career and how almost everything I dreamed of literally came true, from me being this funny little creature who just wanted to play drums and play music.
5 I always joke – because I used to manage the band – that this is the worst-run franchise in rock’n’roll. If you look at what happened to us on paper, you’d say, ‘It’s simply not possible that these clowns can survive this’.
6 John McVie who plays bass with Fleetwood Mac is not only my best friend, he’s also my musical best friend because he’s formulated a style that accommodates this ever-changing partner in the rhythm section.
7 I’ll never play exactly the same pattern on the bass drum on a song that I’ve been playing for 40 years. It’s become the sound of our rhythm section.
8 [observation, 2013, on the recording ‘Rumors’] It’s this mutant thing. It shaped me as a person because we went through a damage, making that album. There’s still a fascination about it: it’s who we are and what we are, the reason why we made all that music. It forces you to think about yourself, how you’ve developed or undeveloped, screwed up or not, what you learned from that, and whether you have truly moved on from the hurt, fear and loathing.
# Fact
1 Involved in a televised spoof audition for the position of drummer in the band Spinal Tap first seen in the film This Is Spinal Tap (1984) in which he played with a paper bag over his head.
2 Always wears a pair of wooden balls suspended from his belt when drumming.
3 Stevie Nicks considers Mick her best friend.
4 Lives in Los Angeles, California. He has lived in the United States since the 1970’s and became a citizen in 2006.
5 Dropped out of school at age 15 and moved to London to become a Drummer.
6 Stevie Nicks is godmother of his twin daughters.
7 Played drums on Warren Zevon‘s Top 40 hit “Werewolves of London”.
8 Former brother-in-law of Pattie Boyd.
9 Fleetwood Mac was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Recording at 6608 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California.
10 Older brother of actress Susan Fleetwood.
11 Fleetwood Mac won the 1998 Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution.
12 Had been gigging with bands in England as early as age 18, but was able to play age restricted clubs because he looked older.
13 Took some heat from the other members of Fleetwood Mac, after his autobiography came out, for the out-of-school stories he’d told about the band. He apologized to them, explaining that he’d done the book “for the money”, to recover from his 1980s bankruptcy.
14 His solo album “The Visitor” was inspired by a trip to Africa, where he’d heard and played with several native musicians, and preceded Paul Simon‘s similarly-themed “Graceland” and “The Rhythm Of The Saints” albums by almost a decade.
15 Always wears a pair of wooden balls suspended from his belt when drumming! They’re toilet chain-balls, snatched from a club where Fleetwood Mac played in their early days, and he kept them as a good-luck piece. (Fleetwood’s “star turn” in their early stage act was when he came out from behind the drums and “played his balls”, dancing and clacking them together.)
16 Involved in a televised spoof audition for the position of drummer in the band ‘Spinal Tap’ in which he played with a paper bag over his head! (their drummers kept dying under strange circumstances!)
17 Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998 (as a member of Fleetwood Mac).
18 Twins Tessa and Ruby with Frankel.
19 His ex-wife, Jenny Boyd, is the younger sister of Pattie Boyd, who married George Harrison and Eric Clapton. Fleetwood referred to Harrison as his brother-in-law, in his autobiography.
20 Founder and leader of rock music group Fleetwood Mac.
21 He opened “Fleetwood’s Nightclub” in 1991


Title Year Status Character
Britain’s Got More Talent 2015-2016 TV Series writer – 2 episodes
Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway 2016 TV Series writer – 1 episode
The Jump 2016 TV Series writer – 1 episode
The Americans 2015 TV Series writer – 1 episode
The Voice 2012 TV Series writer – 1 episode
Rude Tube 2011 TV Series writer – 1 episode
Glee 2011 TV Series writer – 1 episode
Glastonbury 2010 2010 TV Mini-Series writer: “The Chain”
Formula 1: BBC Sport 2009 TV Series writer: “The Chain”
Heroes 2009 TV Series writer – 1 episode
The ’70s 2000 TV Movie writer: “The Chain” – uncredited
TFI Friday 1996 TV Series writer – 1 episode
Saturday Night Live 1983 TV Series performer – 1 episode


Title Year Status Character
Get a Job 2011 Unemployed Band Member
Burning Down the House 2001 Bartender
Mr. Music 1998 TV Movie Simon Eckstal
Snide and Prejudice 1997 Pablo Picasso
Zero Tolerance 1994 Helmut Vitch
Star Trek: The Next Generation 1989 TV Series Antedian Dignitary
Wiseguy 1989 TV Series James Elliot
The Running Man 1987 Mic


Title Year Status Character
Fleetwood Mac: Rumours 2013 Documentary executive producer / producer post-production


Title Year Status Character
Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon 2013 Documentary special thanks
Renegade Live @ the House of Blues 2009 Video documentary special thanks
Soundstage 2004 TV Series documentary very special thanks – 1 episode


Title Year Status Character
Fleetwood Mac: Rumours 2013 Documentary post-production Himself
King of the Sidemen Documentary post-production Himself
Radio Caroline Documentary filming Himself
Revolution: The Legacy of the Sixties Documentary filming Himself
The Seventies 2015 TV Series documentary Himself – Fleetwood Mac
CBS This Morning 2014 TV Series Himself
CBS News Sunday Morning 2014 TV Series documentary Himself – Guest
Today 2014 TV Series Himself – Guest
Kokua for the Philippines 2013 TV Special
Raymond Louis Kennedy Presents 2013 TV Mini-Series Himself
Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon 2013 Documentary Himself
Stevie Nicks: In Your Dreams 2013 Documentary Himself
Eva Cassidy: Timeless Voice 2013 Documentary Himself – Interviewee
Top Gear 2013 TV Series Himself – Special Guest
Sound City 2013 Documentary Himself
Sunset Strip 2012 Documentary Himself
Finding Joe 2011 Documentary Himself
Kokua for Japan 2011 TV Movie Himself
The 7PM Project 2009 TV Series Himself
Fleetwood Mac: Don’t Stop 2009 TV Movie documentary
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Live: Start Me Up 2009 Video Himself
Renegade Live @ the House of Blues 2009 Video documentary Himself
Eye on Entertainment 2009 TV Series Himself
Peter Green: ‘Man of the World’ 2009 TV Movie documentary Himself
Blues Britannia: Can Blue Men Sing the Whites? 2009 TV Movie documentary Himself
Later… With Jools Holland 2008 TV Series Himself – Interview
Star Tomorrow 2006 TV Movie Himself – Judge
Bridge to Havana 2004 Video documentary Himself
Soundstage 2004 TV Series documentary Himself – Drums & Percussion
Fleetwood Mac: Destiny Rules 2004 TV Movie documentary Himself
The Blues 2003 TV Series documentary Himself
Dateline NBC 2003 TV Series documentary Himself
American Bandstand’s 50th Anniversary Celebration 2002 TV Movie Himself – Performer
Blues Odyssey 2001 TV Movie documentary Himself
The List 2000 TV Series Himself
The Mick Fleetwood Story: Two Sticks and a Drum 2000 Video documentary Himself
Music Bridges Over Troubled Waters 1999 Documentary Himself
The Corrs: ‘Live at the Royal Albert Hall’ – St. Patrick’s Day March 17, 1998 1998 TV Movie documentary Himself (drums)
Behind the Music 1997-1998 TV Series documentary Himself
Classic Albums 1997 TV Series documentary Himself
Fleetwood Mac: The Dance 1997 TV Movie documentary Himself
1996 VH1 Honors 1996 TV Movie Himself
You Don’t Know Jack: Volume 2 1996 Video Game Himself – Celebrity Guest Appearance (voice)
Rock Family Trees 1995 TV Series documentary Himself
The 52nd Presidential Inaugural Gala 1993 TV Movie Himself (as Fleetwood Mac)
The 18th Annual American Music Awards 1991 TV Special Himself
Live with Kelly and Michael 1990 TV Series Himself
Brit Awards 1989 1989 TV Special Himself – Host
Mamas & the Papas: Straight Shooters 1989 Documentary Himself
The 15th Annual American Music Awards 1988 TV Special Himself – Host
Fleetwood Mac: Tango in the Night 1987 TV Special documentary Himself – Drums
Stevie Nicks: Live at Red Rocks 1987 Video documentary Himself (Special Guest)
X-Large 1987 TV Series documentary Himself
The 14th Annual American Music Awards 1987 TV Special Himself
Chuck Berry & Bo Diddley’s Rock ‘n’ Roll All Star Jam 1985 Video documentary Himself
American Bandstand’s 33 1/3 Celebration 1985 TV Special Himself
The 19th Academy of Country Music Awards 1984 TV Special Himself
New American Bandstand 1965 1984 TV Series Himself
The 11th Annual American Music Awards 1984 TV Special Himself – Presenter
Saturday Night Live 1982-1983 TV Series Himself – Musical Guest
Salute! 1983 TV Series Himself
Fleetwood Mac in Concert: Mirage Tour 1982 1983 Video documentary Drums
Bob Welch and Friends: Live from the Roxy 1981 TV Movie Himself
California Jam 2 1978 TV Special Himself
The 20th Annual Grammy Awards 1978 TV Special Himself (as Fleetwood Mac)
Top Ten New York 1977 TV Series Himself – Musician
Beat-Club 1971 TV Series
Playboy After Dark 1970 TV Series Himself – Fleetwood Mac
Go-Go Bigbeat 1965 Documentary Himself – drummer of The Cheynes
Mods and Rockers 1965 Short Himself – Drummer, The Cheynes

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