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NewsThai Cult Leader Arrested: Why was Thai Cult Leader...

Thai Cult Leader Arrested: Why was Thai Cult Leader Arrested? Charges Explained


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Thai Cult Leader Arrested: Why was Thai Cult Leader Arrested? Charges Explained: Nowadays, people do anything on social media. Some called them crazy while some called them out of their mind. We don’t know where this kind of person comes from with the wrong kind of mindset. They simply lost their mind to doing the wrong kind of activities. Sometimes we are questioned in our society. Is everything going right with them? Or those people who were indulged in the wrongful activities have no brain. We think about these types of questions whenever we a different person who does not match our lifestyle. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Thai Cult Leader Arrested

Thai Cult Leader Arrested

Recently, news has been seen where a man allegedly told his followers to eat his excreta. When they hears it, they totally got shocked and can’t believe is this man was okay or not. His name was Thawee Nanra. He was 75 years old and he comes from the jungle where he lived. The incident happens iN Thailand where he openly tells the audience that if you want to stay alive then eat your excreta and drink bodily fluids. No one gonna take him seriously and informs this incident to Thai Police who arrest him and put him into prison.

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It was unimaginable to believe that a guy who was in his 70s had said something like this. To eat the excreta and drink his pee. At this age, people goona spend some time with their family and remember back those days when he was a kid and spent beautiful memories with their friends. They are remembering each and everything. Because they were in the last phase of his life and they will be gone at every point in time.

Why was Thai Cult Leader Arrested?

They spent time with their loved ones and their grandchildren. But it was totally different in Thawee’s case. He doesn’t do anything like this. In fact, he does everything opposite. And people were trying to stay away from him. And they don’t have a reason to go closer to him and listened to his talk.

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The man’s campsite was located deep inside the forest and raided by the police. Reports say that when he was in the forest, he becomes crazy and out of his mind. As of now, we have this much information, if anything would came out then we definitely inform you. Until then follow this site.

Source: Get India News

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