Mary Berry got tripped over some bricks last month in her garden while picking sweet peas. She met an accident and shouted out for her husband for help.

Her husband was watching cricket and could not hear her call for help. Her son-in-law Dan was the first person to find her and aided her. 

Despite her will, he called an ambulance for her further treatment. It was Sunday, and the ambulance people were busy treating footballers. Dan kept on supporting her.

After waiting for three and a half hours, the ambulance took her to Royal Berkshire Hospital. She learned there that her hip was broken, and one foot was turning out.

She underwent surgery the following morning, her old hip was repaired as opposed to replacing it. She said the doctors were lovely and accomodating.

Besides her long ten days stay at the hospital, she also spoke about her experience with illnesses like polio when he was 13. She told ‘Radio Times’ in January.

She urged everyone to get vaccinated against polio if they want to keep themselves away from the hospital and pain. She added the vaccine helped her to overcome the disease.


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