Washington DC Nurses March Live updates: 1000 nurses protest in DC: Nurses in the united states march on the capital demanding reforms in laws and work environment mainly three demands are being asked to be fulfilled wages, the ratio of nurses and patients, and protection against violence. they said overworked healthcare workers are harming everyone. thousands of health workers marched to Whitehouse and past the US capital demanding reformers to the healthcare industry so that everybody can work properly and be safe in their work environment. they also put their lives in danger and opt for profit over patients care. and also violating the coved-19 pendants norms and making the situation worse. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Washington DC Nurses March

Washington DC Nurses March Live updates

United states marked 1 million deaths from coved during a pandemic and still this gathering in front of the white house putting their life in danger and their demands are wages hike bcoz during the pandemic this medical industry made the highest profits but the nurses are left to bedside carrier said 50000 more nurses will be leaving the bedside and join the march and there will be no nurse to take care of America and that will be the biggest tragedy

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Secondly, they want is well-balanced ratio between nurses and patients right now situation is there is only one nurse over 10 patients and the standard ratio is a nurse can handle only 3 beds at a time and this situation puts the lives of patients in danger and situation makes it worse for them to work and they face health issues joe Will 17 years experienced nurse left her job bcoz of this situation saying that her work is to care and she can not handle this much work bcoz every patient need care.

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Their third demand is safety against violence at the workplace saying when u put a hand on a cop u will be put in jail but when they lay hand on a nurse there can come over to the hospital again. they want their workplace safe and strict laws against violence against health care staff and want to increase security staff in hospitals and protection for them
one nursing staff Kathy Rey left her job because how violence against her not once but twice and still that culprit is free and she has to spend 2 months in a hospital bed.
these heartbreaking stories justify their march and their demands to be fulfilled and make the government listen to them but this also brings danger to their lives in this time of pandemic and gathering and such large crowd is not good for anybody as coved spreads very fast.

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