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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) was pushing back against a massive spending bill that passed in the House on Monday. If passed in the Senate, where Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has stated he will “move swiftly” to provide more foreign aid, the bill will give another $40 billion to Ukraine at the direct expense of Americans.

Although it passed the House with only 57 Republicans voting against it, Greene has sounded the alarm on its many destructive components. In order to reach President Biden’s desk, Republicans in the Senate will have to put their names on spending $40 billion on Ukraine when the U.S. is well over $28 trillion in debt.

– MTG Calls Out Ukraine Spending Bill Heading To The Senate –

While walking through Washington, D.C., Greene summarized her criticism:

We’re back in session this week. And you know what Congress wants to do? They want to send nearly $40 billion to Ukraine, while American mothers can’t find baby formula, and while our border is being completely invaded every single day and fentanyl is flooding across and killing Americans. But Congress thinks it’s their job to fund $40 billion of your hard-earned tax dollars to Ukraine while farmers are suffering, mothers can’t get baby formula and our border is being completely invaded.

Greene took to Twitter to warn Americans about what was being pushed through. One interesting area of the bill she zeroed in on is a $900 million giveaway to nonprofits and other organizations deemed “qualified,” who she points out will likely mean “friends and family of politicians” being paid handsomely to provide a host of expensive services for foreigners that many American citizens need.

Commenting further on the bill, Greene pointed out that it also allots funding to the CIA “for who knows what and who knows how much?”

– MTG Calls Out Ukraine Spending Bill Heading To The Senate –

Continued support for Ukraine at the expense of Americans has become a common theme in our government and media. While inflation crushes citizens across the country, billions in funding and military equipment have gone across the ocean to a money laundering operation known to most Americans as Ukraine.

The middle class continues to be squeezed from above and below, and the focus of our federal executive and legislative branches are on prolonging a conflict in a foreign nation that will lead to food shortages, a worsening energy crisis and, potentially, war.

In the U.S., we have our own democracy to worry about, our own battles to fight, our own economic challenges and our own freedoms to defend. Our border remains in crisis, subject to daily invasion, as we defend the borders of foreign lands and send American resources across the ocean, despite the suffering of Americans here at home.

This bill is a slap in the face to the American taxpayer. As is often the case, “fiscal responsibility” prevents spending at home, while “moral responsibility” demands spending abroad. And, in this case, another $40 billion will be given to Ukraine, one of many nations the U.S. government puts before the American people

– MTG Calls Out Ukraine Spending Bill Heading To The Senate –

Source: Big League Politics

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