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Tag:Alabama Senate Race

In the Alabama and Minnesota Primaries, ‘Go Mo’ and Sanity Were the Watchwords of the Night – RedState

The Alabama and Minnesota primaries were a particular type of bellwether. Neither endorsement strength nor name recognition won the evening, but the Republican voter...

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Both Comey and McCabe were ‘randomly’ audited by the IRS – HotAir

What are the odds that two of the people Trump fought with at the FBI were both chosen for...
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Governments don’t stop working because nations face terrorist threats

The Presidency has responded to Nigerians who have criticized President Buhari for leaving for Senegal...

Registered Republicans Continue to Grow, Outnumbering Dems in Florida

Registered Republican voters are continuing to grow in what Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has described as the “free...

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