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A Call Rings Out for Bill Maher to Be Fired – RedState

He’s finally done it — Bill Maher has gone too far for some on the Left. As covered by RedState’s Nick Arama, Bill talked transgenderism...

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January 6 Probe ‘Moving the Needle’; GOP Now Looking at Trump as ‘Damaged’

Former Trump White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said Wednesday on “CNN Tonight” that the hearings of the...
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FBI chief and deputy targeted by Trump both underwent rare intensive IRS audits, report says

Two high-ranking FBI officials who became the personal enemies of Donald Trump when he was president were later targeted...

Big Brother: Tim Dormer reveals his next big career move after elimination

Big Brother star Tim Dormer has revealed his next career move, after being booted from the show on Wednesday.  Speaking...

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