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Tag:commonsense gun reform

President Biden ‘not talking about the Second Amendment,’ only ‘commonsense gun reform’ – twitchy.com

As Twitchy reported, media “watchdog” Media Matters monitored Fox News for 24 hours following the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, and found that no...

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Washington Post’s Dana Milbank wants Democrats to give Joe Biden a break – twitchy.com

It was just a month or two ago that Tom Nichols wrote a piece for The Atlantic headlined, “Leave...
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It’s Not ‘Minority Rule,’ It’s The Point

One of the more popular grievances from the contemporary left revolves around the notion that our nation has been...

Man, 26, is arrested for trying to light Molotov cocktails and throw them at Capitol cops

Coronavirus professor Neil Ferguson says lockdown may ease next month World Health Organization appeals for £520million to fight...

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