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Cereal Killer? Feminine Hygiene Brand’s ‘Period Crunch’ Invites You to Eat a Uterus for Breakfast – RedState

Do you love any kind of cereal, period? If so, prepare to chomp on a treat with philanthropic flair. Per the Daily Mail, a bold new...

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How ‘Grease’ became a victim of cancel culture during Oliva Newton-John’s battle with cancer

Grease had become a victim of 'cancel culture' as it's star Olivia Newton-John battled cancer - but she repeatedly defended the...
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Furiosa Photos Reveal the Mad Max Prequel’s Unrecognizable Anya Taylor-Joy

Behind-the-scenes photos from Warner Bros.'s upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road prequel, Furiosa, offer a look at an almost unrecognizable...

There Is Nothing Anti-Semitic About Criticizing George Soros

When Democrats blocked a Marco Rubio amendment that would have compelled “ Soros backed prosecutors,” as the senator put...

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