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Dentist Lawrence Neville reveals foods to avoid if you want a perfect smile

Some of your favourite foods could be ruining your smile, and it's not just red wine and coffee you have to watch out for,...

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Chris Distefano Congratulate LGBT Communities When The Supreme Court Legalized Gay Marriage

Chris, born on August 26, 1894, was always funny. His humor is smart and upbeat. He avoids political controversy. On Twitter,...
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SARAH VINE: Ricky Gervais shouldn’t be cancelled for his wickedly offensive new stand-up show

 One of the funniest lines in Ricky Gervais’s SuperNature show comes about three quarters of the way in when,...

What Is The Release Date Of Insiders Season 2, Episode 5?

The confirmed release date of the Spanish reality show ‘Insiders’ season 2 episode 5 is finally out. After the end...

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