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CNN’s John Harwood explains to Brian Stelter that ‘the spectrum’ for journalists isn’t liberal vs. conservative, but truth vs. lies [video]

For some strange reason, Brian Stelter still presides over a show called “Reliable Sources.” And for some reason, Stelter thinks John Harwood is a...

Things Get Heated After Unruly Activist Confronts Ted Cruz at Dinner – RedState

Ted Cruz has become one of the top targets of the left following the mass shooting that occurred at an elementary school in Uvalde,...

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86% of Democratic lobbyists believe Biden’s rhetoric on inflation has been ‘ineffective’

A whopping 86 percent of Democratic lobbyists said they believed that President Joe Biden‘s rhetoric on inflation has been...
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Angry Democrats have had it with ‘rudderless, aimless and hopeless’ Biden administration – HotAir

To wind up with the kind of approval rating Joe Biden has now you have to do more than...

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