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Opinion: Inflation has peaked — now it’s time to go bargain shopping for consumer-discretionary stocks

It’s time to buy consumer-discretionary stocks. Why? Investors hate them so much, they now look attractive.Beyond the contrarian angle, here’s the high-level reasoning. When...

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Debra Messing, Other Celebrity Backers Despair over Failed Agenda; Question the Point of Voting

President Joe Biden is reportedly losing the support of some of his most reliable cheerleaders — Hollywood celebrities who...
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What time does true crime doc Girl in the Picture come to Netflix?

Another true crime documentary is coming to Netflix this week, this time about a 30-year-long mystery regarding the...

‘Love Island’ receives over 781 complaints in four weeks

Some people have no love for this season of “Love Island.”The British reality show has received over 781 complaints...

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