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Huge rare earth reserve discovered in Turkey, but experts caution that ‘grade is king’

The world’s second-largest rare earth reserve has been discovered in Turkey, officials say, but experts warn that turning rare earth deposits into financial success...

U.S. homeownership rate tumbles to 1980s levels

High prices for everything from groceries...

3 crucial financial moves to make now after the Fed’s biggest rate hike since 1994

In a matter of months, it’s become more expensive to carry a credit card balance, a car loan or a mortgage as the Federal...

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Naples travel guide

Naples travel guide
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Chris Hemsworth spends the evening surfing with his kids in Byron Bay 

Chris Hemsworth is raising little mini-mes.  The Thor star was seen taking his children for an afternoon surf at a...

The cordial exchanges that preceded the Mar-a-Lago raid – HotAir

This new story at the Wall Street Journal doesn’t add much to the timeline we’ve already heard about leading...

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