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Opinion: The SPACsplosion is about to become a liquidation frenzy — and that may be for the best

As the SPAC boom was beginning to rage two years ago, this column asked why in the world any company would want to be...

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How ‘Grease’ became a victim of cancel culture during Oliva Newton-John’s battle with cancer

Grease had become a victim of 'cancel culture' as it's star Olivia Newton-John battled cancer - but she repeatedly defended the...
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Furiosa Photos Reveal the Mad Max Prequel’s Unrecognizable Anya Taylor-Joy

Behind-the-scenes photos from Warner Bros.'s upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road prequel, Furiosa, offer a look at an almost unrecognizable...

There Is Nothing Anti-Semitic About Criticizing George Soros

When Democrats blocked a Marco Rubio amendment that would have compelled “ Soros backed prosecutors,” as the senator put...

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