Saturday, July 24, 2021

President Trump Makes A Little Girl Cry…Happy Tears [VIDEO]

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A little girl was outside playing basketball in her driveway with her siblings when her mom tells her she received a letter in the mail.

The mom asks her daughter, named Clare, what she’s been waiting for in the mail. Clare’s face lights up in a smile when she realizes her mother is holding the much-anticipated letter from President Donald J. Trump and his wife Melania.

Apparently, she wrote to the executive couple, not knowing when or if they’d respond. Not one to let down a patriot, the America-1st President wrote her back, drawing tears of disbelief and joy from the child.


Outside playing basketball instead of inside playing video games, wrote a hand-written letter to President Trump instead of DM’ing an actress or a rapper… this kid offers hope for a return to an honorable and strong America.

Source: 100percentfedup


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