Thursday, July 29, 2021

VIDEO: Chinese Subway Riders Calmly Stand in Chest-High Water During Floods

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The people of China are experiencing unbelievable flooding, but you wouldn’t know there is any emergency by looking at the people calmly riding the subway…still wearing their masks! Jennifer Zeng is doing a fantastic job reporting the truth. She says hundreds of people are trapped in the subways. She discounts the propaganda from Chinese media, saying only a few died from the floods. Several dams have broken, making the floods worse, and Reuters notes 19 inches of rain fell in the city of Lushan over the last several days.

Video clips of people standing in subway cars are stunning because of the calm demeanor of the riders. There is a shot of water outside of the subway car at one point in the video as it moves through the flood.

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A man just sitting in his truck watching the flood go by:

Source: 100percentfedup


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