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The Indonesian province of Bali has announced a list of a dos and don’ts for tourists.

They are also considering banning tourists from the mountains.

Possible ban

According to South China Morning Post (SCMP), Bali governor Wayan Koster announced the plan for 22 mountains in Bali to be closed to all tourists. This includes the popular Mount Batur.

This was after foreigners behaved “poorly” and “damaged the sanctity” of sacred spots on the island.

However, the Bali Indonesian Mountain Guide Association hopes there will be more discussion on the ban before it comes into effect, Indonesian news agency Antara reported.

Its chairman, Ketut Mudiada said the discussion should consider the climbing association, guide service providers, travel agents, and other related stakeholders.

He also hopes to discuss clear and structured rules for tourists while maintaining the sanctity of the mountain and providing economic benefits to the people.

List of dos and don’ts

Koster issued a circular outlining dos and don’ts for tourists travelling in Bali.

The 12 dos include:

  • Respecting the sanctity of temples, sacred religious symbols, statues, customs, arts and culture
  • Dressing modestly in sacred areas and at tourist attractions
  • Behaving politely
  • Making transactions in Indonesian rupiah
  • Obeying traffic rules
  • Engaging a tour guide who has a permit or licence when visiting tourists spots

The eight prohibitions for tourists when in Bali are:

  • Trespassing into holy or sacred places
  • Climbing sacred trees
  • Disrespecting holy places and sanctified places by acts such as taking nude photos or climbing sacred buildings
  • Improper disposal of trash
  • Using single-use plastics
  • Engaging in business activities without official documents issued
  • Using offensive words towards government officials
  • Trading illegal goods and drugs

Photo by Spenser Sembrat and Florian GIORGIO on Unsplash

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