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World News'His background story doesn't really matter': Jeff Ng's fans...

‘His background story doesn’t really matter’: Jeff Ng’s fans gather at Cathay after show cancelled – Mothership.SG


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Over a hundred people waited outside The Cathay at 7:20pm on Saturday for busker Jeff Ng — but the show was no more.

The 32-year-old cancelled his performance hours before it was supposed to happen, citing a recent increase in Covid-19 cases as the reason.

Not everyone got the message, and some were devastated that they wouldn’t be able to watch the newly famous Ng sing that night.

Photo by Fiona Tan

Some didn’t even know that Ng apologised on Jul. 1, 2022 after an ex-girlfriend accused him of being the “worst person (she has) ever met” just days before.

Fans devastated by last-minute cancellation

Those who had made their way down to The Cathay shared that they did not know that Ng had cancelled his performance.

Most of them had made the trip down to watch him perform after discovering him online.

Two new fans Jayden and Carol told Mothership that they were “really quite into” Ng’s singing — although the latter wasn’t quite sure what the busker looked like.

Jayden, who hasn’t had time to watch Ng live, was “really looking forward” to the performance, adding that he will “try to make time to watch him perform” in the future.

From left: Richard & Carol. Photo by Fiona Tan

Carol had come down just to see him perform:

“Oh my god. I’m not sure what to do and where to go now that his session is cancelled. Oh my god, I’m so sad, I came down specially to see him perform leh.”

“We just came here to enjoy the music, so his background story doesn’t really matter”: Fan

Ng’s fans also seem unbothered about the allegations that his ex has made.

Evan, 17, said the bad press “doesn’t really matter” because “he is just a singer and I just want to support him because he sings well”. He added, “As long as he puts up a good performance, and we enjoy ourselves, everything else doesn’t really matter.”

From left: Jing Kai & Evan. Photo by Fiona Tan

Lisa, who is in her 20s, concurred by saying that “his background story doesn’t really matter” as she was just there to “enjoy the music”.

Richard called Ng’s actions “mistakes that he made in his younger days” and believes that “people can change”.

He continued, “Unless you tell me that he’s still the same person that he was (then that will be an issue), if not I don’t see what’s the big deal.”

Jing Kai, 17, on the other hand, thinks “we need to find out the truth” and says he “(doesn’t) really care too much until the truth comes out”.

Will Ng’s fans put their money where their mouths are?

Ng had previously announced that he intends to have a “real concert” next month, although details have not been formally announced.

The reaction on the ground was mixed when Mothership asked the same fans if they would pay to watch Ng perform.

Evan, a self-professed Mandopop lover, said he wouldn’t and thinks that “many people will feel the same way”.

Others were more receptive but added that it depends on how much the tickets are.

One female fan declared, “I will pay as much as S$150 to watch Jeff perform. Ok, wait, maybe S$100.”

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Image from Jeff Ng Instagram and Fiona Tan

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