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Singaporean Olympic gold medalist Joseph Schooling, 27, confessed to taking cannabis overseas in May 2022 although he tested negative for controlled drugs in a urine test.

MINDEF shared on Aug. 30 that the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) has issued Schooling a stern warning, and the swimmer will no longer be eligible for leave or disruption to train or compete while in NS.

Additionally, he will be placed on a supervised urine test regime for six months.

Schooling has since issued an apology, describing it as a “moment of weakness” after having gone through a “very tough period” in his life.

He ended the statement by affirming that he will “make amends and right what is wrong”.

Will continue to support him

A day after his confession (Aug. 31), one of Schooling’s sponsors, Hugo Boss, has come out in support of the swimmer.

The fashion brand’s managing director for Southeast Asia, Steven Lam, said that despite Schooling’s mistake, it was more important that he took responsibility for it, Marketing Interactive reported.

Lam described the swimmer as a positive influence in and out of the pool, and has inspired many children to chase their dreams.

“We have taught future generations that it’s ok to make mistakes, to own up, but you will have to take responsibility and more importantly, fix it.”

Although it will be a “long road ahead” for Schooling, Lam remained confident that he will be able to demonstrate how to “make good his promise to rebuild the trust with the people who believe in him”.

As such, Hugo Boss’ partnership and support for Schooling remains “strong and unwavered”.

Schooling was Hugo Boss’ first Singaporean ambassador.

Top photo from Joseph Schooling / FB

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