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Haircuts can make or break your image.

Undoubtedly, everyone has, at least once in their lifetime, had the misfortune of leaving the hair salon with a bad or unexpected haircut, feeling like their entire day was ruined.

One young boy apparently had such an experience at local hair salon kcuts, as he left the premises with a less-than-spiffy-looking hairdo.

Someone, presumably his parent or guardian slammed the salon on social media. While the salon has apologised for the boy’s experience, a rep told Mothership that they were not given the chance to offer some service recovery.

Lopsided haircut

Pictures of the boy’s haircut were posted anonymously to Facebook group Complaint Singapore Unrestricted on Feb. 13.

The person shared that the haircut took place at kcuts’ NEX outlet, and complained: “The skill of this stylist at nex is terrible, you tell him to cut short, he will cut all the way to the hairline! Totally unprofessional!”

From the photos, the boy’s fringe does look pretty short and uneven.

Photo from Complaint Singapore Unrestricted / FB

From the side, the boy’s hair looks even worse, with a gap in the hair on the back of his head suggesting that the stylist had missed a chunk of hair.

Photo from Complaint Singapore Unrestricted / FB

Photo from Complaint Singapore Unrestricted / FB

Photo from Complaint Singapore Unrestricted / FB

As of the time of writing, the post has garnered over 850 shares, with numerous commenters lambasting the salon and stylist in question.

Others however, pointed out that the poster had gotten his money’s worth, considering kcuts’ haircuts are priced from S$10 to S$15.

Boy’s father became “hostile” to stylist: Salon

According to their website, kcuts provides “10 min Korean style” haircuts, and has over 70 outlets in Singapore.

In response to Mothership‘s queries, kcuts shared that they “definitely regret this poor cut”.

Providing more details on the course of events that day, the salon said that the boy’s father had opted for a “spiky hair style” for his son.

However, the stylist had cut the front of the boy’s hair too short, something which he admitted to.

According to kcuts, the father, who was standing close by, became “extremely upset immediately” and behaved in a “hostile” manner towards the stylist. He did not let the stylist continue with the haircut thereafter to even out the hair length.

Following the incident, the boy’s parents apparently did not reach out to the salon to express their unhappiness.

The rep said:

“The boy’s parents did not write or contact us but slammed our brand immediately on social media. This is unfair as we would have taken our best effort to provide customer recovery.”

“Honest business”

kcuts emphasised that it maintains an “honest business” without hard selling its customers packages, and tries to keep their services affordable.

It claims to be the “lowest cost quick cut provider” in Singapore.

In its response, the salon acknowledged its mistake:

“With so many stylists on the ground with so many varying requests from customers of all ages, there will definitely be some mistakes or poor cut by stylists at times, which is extremely regrettable like in this case.”

It added that in such cases, it does its best to provide some form of service recovery by asking the salon’s manager to touch up the haircut, or even offer a free haircut on the next visit.

The salon also explained that the stylist involved in the incident has so far received ratings of four out of five stars on their app. They added that such ratings are the “most [accurate] reflection” of the stylist’s skills.

kcuts shared that the stylist has been rather affected by the negative attention on social media, and has been temporarily transferred away from the NEX outlet.

Top photo from Complaint Singapore Unrestricted / FB and Aloysius L / Google Maps

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