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World NewsStaff in NParks uniforms remove huge python found under...

Staff in NParks uniforms remove huge python found under Mercedes – Mothership.SG


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It’s easy to forget that we Singaporeans share our island with creatures of the animal kingdom, but every now and then we get an encounter that reminds us of other four-legged inhabitants.

Or in this case, no legs at all.

Snake under a car

A video shared on Facebook group “District Singapore” on Friday, Aug. 12, shows a red Mercedes Benz suspended in what looks like a car auto shop.

Two men in the dark green uniforms of NParks staff work together to tug the snake out from underneath the car, while a third man in a green t-shirt looks on, while also appearing to film the scene on his phone.

Screenshot from District Singapore.

The snake, which looks like a reticulated python, eventually falls to the floor, startling the onlookers.

One of the NParks staff tries to grab hold of the python near the head but it bites his gloved hand instead.

Fortunately, the staff, who remains calm, does not appear to be injured.

Screenshot from District Singapore.

He wriggles his hand out of the glove, with the python still biting on it, and the two staff manage to place the reptile into a bag.

Screenshot from District Singapore.

According to NParks:

“Snakes are generally shy creatures and will usually try to slither away from humans. Snakes are generally not aggressive and will not attack unless they are disturbed or provoked. If you do see a live snake, do keep calm and keep a safe distance.

If you come across snakes in persisting in a public area or in your property, please call NParks’ 24hr Animal Response Centre at 1800-476-1600, and we will assist.”

You can see the video below:

Mothership has contacted NParks for comment.

Top image from District Singapore Facebook.

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