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Residents in Tampines North might see a fresh dash of colour in their neighbourhood soon.

as Blk 425 to Blk 432 are expected to undergo scheduled repainting works.

According to a Facebook post by Member of Parliament Baey Yam Keng, residents of Blk 425 to Blk 432 can expect their blocks to undergo scheduled repainting works.

Residents have three options to choose from:

Scheme One: TV test pattern

The current paint scheme is an oldie but goldie.

Some may find this design familiar as it is the iconic design of Blk 417 at Tampines Street 41, which caused quite a stir overseas some time back.

Scheme Two and Three: Polaroid pattern

As the years go by, the old TV test pattern, once a mainstay in every living room, may eventually go from obsolete to unheard of.

Polaroids, on the other hand, remain recognisable by people of all ages.

Scheme Two offers a colourful scheme for those who want to wake up to a rainbow outside their windows.

For those looking for even more nostalgia, Scheme Three offers things in black-and-white, emphasising the whole ‘blast from the past’ aesthetic.

CCK repaint Scheme3

Residents to vote by May 30

Households should have received a voting form and can refer to the colour sample palette at every void deck.

Residents should indicate their preferences among the three and submit the form to the box beside the palette by May 30, whereby the Tampines Town Council will use the scheme with highest votes.

A poll is running on Baey’s Twitter, asking Twitter users which is their favourite design.

The one that’s current leading the poll is Scheme 2.

All photos from Baey Yam Keng’s Facebook Page

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